New Stuff! Non-Electronic Gaming & Midwest Tees

I would buy the “Risk” design on a tote bag to keep my tabletop gaming stuff in. I have a cat who insists on laying on the map like that whenever I play something like D&D.

Midwestern shirts without hoodies is blasphemy. (You should have known that was coming)

While I definitely can appreciate the humor of the Wisconsin shirt, Wisconsinites do NOT say pop. It’s soda in Wisconsin.

Most of Wisconsin does say “soda”. But the part I moved to (southwest Wisconsin) about eight years ago says “pop”. My husband’s family from the Eau Claire area also say “pop”. I also have disagreements with some of the other items on the shirt.

Yeah. I have noticed some areas near the borders say “pop”. I just thought it was a funny shirt I would buy and could laugh along with if it said soda. I’ve always been teased by friends and family from Minnesota and Michigan for not saying pop like they do.

Aaaaaah, the Operation Dr. Who shirt contains a Timewyrm.

Hats off to the gap season book reader responsible for that. It gave me a chill.

I’d be upset with all the Midwest/Kansas ribbing, but then I remember I’m accessing this site via my Google Fiber connection.