New Stuff! Olive Tees & Northwest States

There seemed to be a lot more state shirts in all the other regions. I’m a little disappointed at the selection and not all of the Northwest states are even represented. There’s no Idaho shirts. I was really looking forward to this sale so I could pick up some shirts from my home region, but besides one shirt, none are really worth it to me.

There’s the Idaho Liger shirt.

That there is. I missed that. Still seems way more light than the other region sales.

Agreed. There are enough coffee shirts to last a lifetime, but so many of the other states had a couple of shirts to choose from. Why in the world would I wear a whale for WA? x.x At least they didn’t go the same route they had with CO >.<

My Idaho design was going to be in the sale but it had too many colours.

There were some really nice looking designs for all the states, but I was really looking forward to the Montana shirts. Don’t get why so few made it through.

i agree with your sentiments…and the WA ones…REALLY? wasn’t some other state already a “whale of a state”? and the Seattle shirt is just the city name (yes it is supposed to be steam coming off of a coffee cup - which doesn’t really succeed, IMHO)…ZZZZZZ
i was expecting much better options for our corner of the country. bleh.

that sucks. they don’t allow you to try and narrow them down?

The Idaho Ligers is brilliant! After I laughed for a couple of minutes I bought 2. The joke is Lava Hot Springs and the time ligers got lose and roamed the town. Look it up.

The Oregon one is pretty boring. I have the trex death the Oregon trail shirt that is MY official Oregon shirt when I want to fly my state pride.