New Stuff! Psychedelia Tees

So I guess I’ve been away for a while. Since when did shipping on t-shirts become not free?

We’ve just been trying it this way for about a month now. Plus side- you can bundle that shipping with anything else on the site/more tees.

Quite a stretch to call that a plus. My cart is full of shirts I almost bought, but for the shipping fee.

Most tees are still the same price as before (some are now $1 more individually, but less if you buy two or more)- we just separated shipping from the price of the tee. We break it down further over on the Shirt blog.

Bonus to this shirt would have been if it had used the same colors for both the white/gold dress and the blue/black dress.

(a la xkcd: Dress Color)

Awesome! The kitties in the sky with diamonds one is just the thing for a friend that needs perking up. Thanks for this.

Marvin Gaye would be proud. In for one!