New Stuff! Sandwich Aprons and Pizza Tees

My first apron print! Thanks woot :slight_smile:

Congrats to everyone else as well. Some great designs in this bunch.

I think oakenspirits “Au Ju Wish” apron (because Princess Bride always =win in my book) and Apelad’s “Cheesy Does It” are probably my favorites though.

congratulation :slight_smile:

All I can imagine is the confused, possibly horrified looks as people unfamiliar with The Princess Bride think “Au Jus Wish” is supposed to be Auschwitz.

I really like lots of these. Can we have them in sticker form? Maybe a Pizza theme soon?

Thanks so much for printing my designs, woot! I am quite honored to have three things in this sale. Did not see that coming. :blush:

Any chance there will be artist coupons for this sale?

EDIT: The coupons were sent, but they don’t work…

i like “Why is my butt warm” so much i actually considered buying 2, despite it being grey.

Coming to think of it, maybe i should buy another one, XXXXXL sized, to keep my butt warm, too :wink: