New to Woot


Hi, I’m new to woot and would like to say hi to everyone here. My only question is what is the average time of delivery from woot. Other than that I enjoy coming to the site to find exactly what I want or need, keep up the good work.


Everyone here says hi! I usually get my woots in a week.


generally a weekto a week and a half judging on where you are.
during a woot off a little longer.

welcome to woot


Same here. Hello.


Hello and welcome, I agree most ship out within the week but right now I am waiting for an order placed on Jan. 31st. Sometimes delays do happen as with any company. I have ordered 32 items and this only the second time I didn’t receive item within a week. Woot always comes thru in the end with the product that I ordered.


Yah usally iteams are recieved within a week, what more can you ask for your ownly paying 5 dollars.


Hi Germy! :smiley:


Hi. I’m new here to the community but I’ve been visiting for a while.

Hope to chatter more with you guys.


Join in anytime, although you’ll find us more often on PWA or Misfits.


Be prepared to kiss your productivity, quality time with loved ones and personal hygiene goodbye.

Oh…and welcome!


Hello from the place!


Gee wiz wiseman. I still shower.

WELCOME DizzleDee!


Have you been forgetting to shower again? We told you…


D’wanna, we really need to discuss your commitment here.




Check the numbers! You are the one who finds a life once in awhile.
Where do you go?


You stop this now!


I’m a MySpace pred in my spare time away from WOOT.


Stop what?


This is the way delivery works for me.
A few days after putting in the order, the box makes it from the warehouse to the FedEx place.
The box sits in the TX warehouse for a few days. Makes friends. Goes to a few parties.
Just when I give up all hope the box gets to NJ in one jump. The next day I get it.

Unless woot over sold something, then I get credit for the purchase and my money back.

If you ever come back…

WELCOME jeremygalbert!