(NEW) Wage Pro Gaming Headset

(NEW) Wage Pro Gaming Headset

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Purchased these in a prior Woot sale;
Pros - Good audio and microphone quality
Pro - Comfortably large over-ear cups with good padding that do not pinch ears

Cons - Short cord (3’-4’ long) that required an extention if you want to plug it into the back of a computer
Con - Poorly reinforced design of left ear pivot.

the left pivot for the ear piece broke after roughly 4-6 months, was temporarily repaired with epoxy, and then gave out entirely a month after. Like many other brands (I went through two Logitech G430 and a G432 all within 3 years under warranty replacements of eachother),
The left ear pivot is a weak point in the design and made of too-thin plastic and a too-short stud length that overly stresses the joint. If you want these to last a few years, but 3 pair, pull them open, and reinforce the joints with epoxy and steel rods.


I have the same problem. The left ear is just dangling off the headset after about a month of use. So annoying. Have a buncha tape holding it on now but that doesn’t last long before I have to fix it again.