New Woot competition


Did anyone see the new Woot competition? I don’t know if I can post the link here because It would take away from the original. The only thing I will say is that it has more girl stuff and it is like a non-stop woot-off.


Post the link. Competition is good. Competition is the reason two gas stations can be across the street from each other. In the end they both win.



Here is the link to the pseudo woot-off. It’s cheapo stuff like woot used to have.


that is sort of neat. But the travel mugs they are selling right now aren’t my thing. Maybe if I drove a big rig and had a handle name of Teddy Bear, I would want them.


They sell garbage and junk.


So? What’s new about that? Most of the woot clones out there only sell garbage. I found a list of them here in the forums and checked them out. Stopped going to them after just a few days. Total BS junk they were trying to pass off.