New Woot Dating Forum

Don’t be shy…Start a conversation with another wooter! Saw something that in someone that got your interest? But were afraid of the mods putting you on probation for useless post? Hmmm, let’s see if we can do that here.


I hear No1 is hot…

i knew you were weird and now we know you are bi curious!

No1 has said, repeatedly, that ‘she’ is Jessica Alba. No1==Jessica Alba==hot. The math doesn’t lie.

ok, a few q’s. does no1 stand for ‘no one’ or ‘number one’?
and if no1 is jessica alba (oy vey) how does one (1) explain mrs no1 and baby no1?

i still think kenny is weird :slight_smile: i like weird though so it’s cool. but then again no one (not no1 THOUGH HE MAY BE INCLUDED) gives a crapola what i think anyway. i miss bro d! he understood me :slight_smile:

Looks like E-Harmony doesn’t have to worry about losing clients in here!!

No1 has also mentioned being a 12 year old girl looking for companionship.

I enjoy long walks in the cold without earmuffs, poutine, and procrastination. My turn-ons include awesomeness, delicious food and more awesomeness. My turn-offs including illiteracy, non-awesomeness, frostbite and multiple exams in one day.

I like money and power. Aggressive, but sophisticated women only.

KT, I’m not sure I have the right address in my book. PM me!

Call me.