New! X-Ray Totes and Biology Tees

Woohoo! It printed! I’m really excited about that. :smiley:

Awesome! Thanks, Woot! Would it be possible to add Mavyn to “one fish, two fish” as the co-creator?

Not needed, I’m happy just to buy one. :slight_smile:

Okay, that’s beyond awesome that they still did X3

Woo!! congrats!!!

Thank you, Woot peoples! Appreciate the nod, though 99% of the credit goes to cdrewlow. :slight_smile:

I know this is going to make me sound like an idiot but how do the x-ray totes work? They glow in the dark and that shows the x-ray part?

You can see the before/after in the sales detail page. Walmazan’s for example are the same glowing and not, so it’s more an accent than a reveal on some of 'em.

Yay! Thanks for printing my super huggable eggs :smiley:

Thanks for printing mine woot! - and grats on the combo print Carl/Maven - :smiley: Two top shelf folk- :smiley:

This is awesome! Thanks for the print!

Oh, we’re all saying thanks? I’m game! Thanks for printing my design, woot! And gratz to Mavyn and Carl! You’re one of us now, Mavyn. Gooble gobble!

It’s Wootgiving, time for us to give thanks to the Great Wootkin, for all the crap that she bestows. For allowing us to make it through another so much winter and for the interweb. In which she in her divine wisdom created. Without which we would all be tagging our shirt ideas on sides of buildings and trains.

Thank you Woot for my prints!!!


I’m confused, and saddened - why aren’t the tees in the catalog?

They will be. They have to add these in manually.

I want the Nerdhugs love osmosis

Will you ever have it back?
I missed it :’(


It’s tote-ally possible. I don’t know when, but keep checking back in the side sales. :slight_smile: