New Year's Resolution

The upcoming indie game Chasm is 384 x 216 (Widescreen) - Scales to 1080p at 5x.

While I like 8-bit themed video games (Terraria, Legend of Dungeon, Risk of Rain, Starbound, etc) I think this shirt lacks the punch needed to deliver that message. ^_^;

This is darn good for something so simplistic.

Ha! Set the bar at an easily blurred by party indulgence level.

Does this shirt come in high def?

When I wear this shirt, hopefully someone tells me I should set my resolution goals higher.

Hah! I love it. Except that by acknowledging that I grew up playing with 8-bit low resolution “retro before retro existed” games only makes me feel old.

These young whipper snappers and their big 4 digit screen resolution numbers and fancy graphics. Why back in my day…

If only we could go back to the simple life :slight_smile:

I can guarantee MY new year’s resolution is going to have an aspect ratio of 16:10.

Thanks to the Virtual Console there’s always some NES gaming in my future.

PFFT! You kids and your high tech 8-bit at 256x240 resolution with multiple button controllers. Give me 8-bit at 192x160 with a single button on my controller and I’m set. Next you’re gonna tell me you want more than 128 colors and a… just a moment…

Get off my lawn ya hooligans!

Now, what were we talking about?

Back in my day, when we walked to school up hill both ways, and pluto was still a planet, and megahertz were fast enough, we didn’t have none of this fancy schmancy 720p liquid crystal diiis-plays. We had our CRT, and we were thankful we even got that. Kids these days.

Obviously Woot has been invaded by the Old Farts League!

While I’d be curious to see what this concept could have been with a Mega Man or Super Mario 3 theme, it’s super appropriate how simple it is. The old-school PC look really bridges the demographics nicely. Well done!

Love this shirt, unfortunately I will be celebrating the new years at work. Our global economy doesn’t stop to party…

I’d settle for 20 X 20 resolution!

Ooooh Does this mean that I am cool if I bust out my Colecovision console.

am i the only one who multiplied the numbers to see if they equaled a secret message?



You just shifted my world-view! Great idea Adam!