New Year's Eve Energy Shots




If you have a Sam’s Club membership, you can get 24 for $36.88, or the extra strength ones for $39.88. So about 29c each cheaper there, not even including shipping.

And you could have them by New Year’s :slight_smile:

Or if you have amazon prime, you can get the regular ones for $22.93 shipped, which is cheaper. Extra strength is only $23.54.

Best deal still goes to Sam’s on this one.


This is no deal. Walmart regular price is $17.98 for 10 and Extra Strength is $2.00 more. This is a few cents cheaper per bottle.


These are already 1.85/bottle at Walmart. Not to mention, Walmart & Sam’s sell licensed 5-hour energy shots under their own name brand which are less than $1 a bottle (exact same ingredients.)


Best hangover ‘cure’ plenty of water before, during, and after drinking.


This does seem like a pretty bad deal. I think the brand name “5 Hour” energy shots that started this whole craze are not worth the premium price, since they probably all come off the same assembly line in China.

I bought a bunch of “Sqwincher Steady Shots” off Woot for 7.99/12-pk, now that was a deal. Work great, taste like a cough syrup multivitamin, overall the exact same product as 5 Hour Energy but much less expensive.


Not a great deal. These are $22-23 on Amazon.