New York State of Crap 9kd98mn833

New York State of Crap 9kd98mn833
Price: $5
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days. (Thursday, May 25 to Friday, May 26) + transit
Condition: Musically Crappy


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Things are looking up!


Fastest BoC score ever. I can officially go back to bed.

(Don’t tell my boss.)

I got one!!! Woo hoo, can’t wait for my BOC!

woot woot!!!

Why did I get:

Denied: We ran out of BOCs before we even took your money so we denied your order to end the process.

**Canceled: ** We ran out of BOCs right after we had processed your payment. We cancelled the order to reverse the payment.

got it! 3rd one!

Got me some of that crappity crap crap!

Woo Hooo! (I think)…

ps… thanks wootstalker…

Nuts! Hit the VOP, made it through, hit “Buy Now” and the confirmation page said nope. Grrr.

Wow got mine using woot stalker and there was 97% left after I was done. That was quick!

And i was so on top of it! Missed it. :frowning:

Why to I keep doing this to myself !!! … sigh…
as I start the process of preparing to be disappointed. DRINKS! … Pavlovian reaction to the Box of Cigars popping up.

Hit my 100th woot with a BOC

Wow! Can’t believe I was able to snag a Bag of Crap so early! And I’m a New Yorker! Hope that means I get a letter… :smiley:

Looking forward to another round of playful banter with ThunerThighs and all the other craptastic losers…
er I mean winners.

dont understand how its possible, was hitting refresh after the headphones every few seconds, hit the button as soon as it loaded both times, and I assumed a 9am bag would be the one to get before all the lazy slobs and west coasters wake up

Can’t wait to read the “woohooo, got my 59th!” comments

Good thing this popped up before my long meeting! Woohoo! Got one! <3