New York State of Crap 9kd98mn833


The Vestibule Of Patience should be renamed to the Vestibule Of Emptiness…

Oh well, I’ll try again next time!

Yay! Got one early this time!

Got it… Amazing!!!

Got one! Glad to get it early in the day, I have a lot of work to do! :slight_smile:

When an item runs out, go to the page and refresh that one constantly. It will show up there before on the main page. Got my 2nd…

After getting denied by the credit card gods in March for recently moving and not updating my billing address, it’s been 4 months since my last BoC. The last BoC was unlike all BoCs in the past - better than average, especially for the kids - my expectations are now uncharacteristically low. I’d really love a solar trickle charger Woot! gods!

Was constantly refreshing the page since I saw the previous item sold out and tried to buy it within 3 seconds of it coming up.

By the time the page loaded it was already gone and yanked from my cart… :frowning: maybe next year I’ll get another chance…

Literally just got out of the vestibule and no go…and the anxiety sets in…I love this so much but it totally screws with my anxiety bad…love getting surprises though…

You’re welcome. Also, in case you missed it, you can try to win a free Bag o Crap Here

Totally missed it. Booooo.

DANG IT! Stuck in the VoD! Came out but the purchase button was gray. Ugh…

Missed it preparing for a meeting. Not sorry, BOC’s don’t pay the bills… :slight_smile:

Just missed it!!!

Congrats to the 100th…This is only number 35 for me.


Hey there Wooters! Join us at the main thread for the BOC unveilings.

I got one and it was the worst crap ever…I doubt the stuff in the box actually added up to $5 of value ($10 if you included shipping cost)…probably won’t be trying for another…sorry Woot you really disappointed me!
(contents included a snow scrapper, a couple of tiny kids shirts, a small baking pan; what I can only guess is a black marble and a really ugly case for a Samsung phone…stuff that would not even be $1 at the dollar store…and the screaming monkey…really!