New Zune or New iPod...


this is the question of the year for me… i’m relatively ignorant when it comes to these things… i just go by what’s cuter usually… but i wanna get a good one for my hubbie this xmas… probably going to go for the purchase soon to get it out of the way… which is better?.. why?.. what’s the diff?.. etc.

Newest 80GB iPod with Video… and all that good stuff.
Newest 30GB Zune with Video… and all that good stuff.


As much as I support MSFT products, new products like this and new video game consoles always have market limitations – music (or video game) availability. For example, read this note on the Walmart site:

Note: Zune software will import unprotected WMA, MP3, AAC file formats but is not compatible with protected songs purchased from download services like iTunes or Wal-Mart Music Downloads. Only downloaded songs purchased from the Zune Marketplace are compatible.

You might not have the large music download base that you have with the iPod which has been out much longer. However, there are a lot of MP3 download sites out there too.


Can’t you just un-protect your iTunes?


Yes, there are multiple m4a “rippers” out there that convert your protected iTunes files into plain jane mp3’s. :slight_smile:

back to your question Jessie, I would wait for a bit. The improvements between the first release and the 2nd generation is outstanding! Also, deployment time to the first upgrade is approximaltely 10 months.


But then Zilla…what does she get hubby for Christmas?

With us, it is easy. After almost 30 years we will ask each other, “what did you buy yourself for Christmas? Should I wrap it?”


Actually I don’t know… I want to get a new media player, and I really do think M$ has something here, but historically MS does poorly in head to head fights for market share.


So Jessie came for advice and now we just confused her even more.



Stick with the IPOD… that is your best bet.


That sounds like how we do Christmas between me and mrs. cz. It’s easier that way.


As long as you live near an apple store. It seems the stuff always has problems, but they always fix it right away. It would be a pain to do by mail.


We’ve always bought each other gifts, quite a few. Of course the gifts to me were right off my list, no more, no less, but still, he shopped and bought and wrapped. Major credit. But this year we don’t have any ideas. I suggested a shed in the backyard that he’s been talking about for a couple years, mainly to get him moving on it. And so I can park in the garage again. Not high in the romance department, but what the heck.


still confused… more help please.


my vote is for iPod… everyone loves iPod… right?


If you absolutely need it for the holidays, go with the iPod. I’m liking what I’m hearing about the Zune, but you’ll only be able to get the small one right now. Of course, the newest iPod finally solved my issue (dirty moneygrubbers wouldn’t patch my older iPod, of course) so it finally is what I would consider a quality product. You can get a much bigger iPod now, that already has a large part of its bugs worked out than the brand-new Zune. If you could wait a while, then I’d say go with the later Zune models they will release, but to get something now, get the iPod.


which has the coolest features? or are they the same?


The Zune has the most features. The most practical is, it is also an FM radio. Sometimes I’d just as soon listen to the radio as the music I have, so I wish my iPod had a radio in it. The feature I think is coolest is you can beam a song you are listening to on your Zune to someone elses Zune so they can hear it for themselves (they can only listen for a little while; if they like it, you can have it buy it from the Zune music store next time you dock it). The upshot is, if I have a Zune and you have a Zune, the music can then be a shared experience again, not just something locked in our headphones. I still haven’t found if the Zune will have gapless playback. Up until the most recent models, the iPod didn’t and that was my biggest complaint. It’s important to have if you’re listening to a live album or anything where one track mixes straight into the next, like on Pink Floyd’s The Wall or some of the songs on Dark Side of the Moon. If it doesn’t play back gaplessly, you have a horrible break in the middle of the music every time it goes to a new track. The iPod does this now, so I’m hoping Zune will do it as well. If Zune does gapless, I would say it will be handsdown the better player.


He’d probably appreciate something you picked out at Victoria’s Secret more than a gadget from the Apple store.


True. But you better try some on and post pics so we can help choose the perfect one. Thanks in advance.

…hmmm. Was that inappropriate? Nah. Just jokes.


with all the electronics included items available these days, it is only a matter of time till Victoria’s Secret jumps on the bandwagon with iPod ready lingerie.


send a link… i’d like to check that out.