NewAge VersaRac Set

NewAge VersaRac Set

So it’s 4’ by 6’ up to 4’ by 8’ - am I reading that right?

Here’s a video about the VersaRac system or you can Click Here for More Information

I imagine that for about 20 bucks you can buy the materials from Home Depot and make something very similar.

Decent deal; I got mine on sale from home depot for 101ea + tax but didnt come with the accessories, which are very overpriced on the market–i bought 4 bike hooks for $30 from Walmart lol. So for 155 the accessories make up for it if that’s what you need. If you just want to store crates or boxes on the racks you can get a better deal elsewhere. Pretty easy to put together, would recommend 2 people to install.

How wide or deep is this?
It says it can be setup as different lengths, but not mention how wide or deep it is (Maybe 48 inches?).

4 ft

Not quite, but I did just make (2) 4’x8’ out of 2x4s and 1/2” plywood for under $200.