Newb Here!

Hai guys,

I’m a newbie to woot! I like you guys’ style. I’m excited to get addicted

Seeya 'round kids!



Thankee :slight_smile:

Hi newbie!!! Make yourself at home. Come on around to some of the other threads and introduce yourself. Most people are super nice and friendly and all those good things.

We only smack those we love.

Welcome, I love your grumpy cookie guy.

Welcome and have fun!

Thanks guys! My grumpy cookie surprisingly loves you too :wink:

grumpynocookie :slight_smile:

Hi kmanock, hope you enjoy surfing around woot. I’d like to ask you a few questions that newbies are normally asked. Feel free to answer or not answer, your choice of course.

age bracket within a decade or so
time zone

Post whores experts did I forget any questions?

I believe her name is Katy (see above.):wink:

Pleased to meet ya, k’nock!!

I did see that, but I assumed that someone named Kyle was a male last month and it was a female. Not going that route again. lol

credt card number and mother’s maden name

I agree we may have style – I’m not sure it’s likable, however.


Kyle is a girl???

well, that would explain those shiny shorts!

i’d lick that.

Sorry newb, we seem to have stolen your thread.

I’m hoping not our Kyle. That would be upsetting to his/her new wife.

maybe, maybe not! For all we know, she might not be a girl after all! and even if she is…

Yep, that’s what she said unless she was kidding but everyone is still referring to as her or she since she corrected me. She says people always assume it’s a boy. Umm, that’s because it’s a boy’s name. lol

What shiny shorts? I must have missed something.

Unless he is on a baby site then I doubt it.

and don’t forget the CCV number with that too!