Newbie with short attention span seeks funny Veteran Wooters


New to the community! I must say it’s been a plesure so far. So its Friday night and I am packed to take off for the weekend, but am being forced to hang at the house with little entertainment until 1am…ish. Anyone know any good jokes or Wooting stories? I have been through the archives of blogs and pictures and like the fact that the site makes me laugh out loud ( LOL for you messengers out there).


No stories, but an open invitation to come back and join us after your weekend.


google wootdedo and read the story.



PWA is a good place to start…look for the first two or three…that should keep you.


How funny. I recieved a taser for Christmas from a friend last year and took it to my familes get together. I replay the shot from the camcorder of my brother opening his gift with the taser sneaking up behind him over and over in my head. He jumped three feet in the air! I must say it is great for parties too.


you must be lotsa fun at parties.
And what cruzer said.


I must say…handing it over to a few drunks and watching them try and taze themselves and each other is very funny (and cheap) entertainment.


Just a guess, you are a college boy?


College girl, but not one of those “Let’s get drunk all the time and see how much attention we can get” one’s. I make fun of those.


I have no funny stories :frowning: But I did get Battlefield 2 from my wife for Christmas!


whoa!!! someone actually my own age!


Isn’t Jq your age? Tongue in cheek.


We don’t have ANY college girls!!! You have to stick around. It’s just us moms and a few younger women. We need a college girl .


yes…I can second this…[:|]


Err…I’m not required to meet some unknown stereotypes am I? I mean, I don’t mind being woots college girl, but there really isn’t much too it is there?


Down boy! remember, I have a taser.


Not for that!!!
To balance out the testosterone.


I’m offended by this…then again, you are new here…I’ll let it slide…


Oh, thankyou sir! I am so sorry to offend you! Forgive me and my little knowledge of this strange new land! Please teach me the right path so I may stay in your good graces!


haha…all I can say is stick around, get to know the silly people around here, you might even like some of em.

For some silly reason beyond me, they seem to like me [8-)], look out for that acemom though…she might suck you in too…

seriously though, generally we are all pretty good people around here, just here to have some fun, hopefully you’ll at least enjoy your visit, or stay for awhile longer than you had planned.