Newpoint 120W Slimline Power Inverter with USB Port

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Newpoint 120W Slimline Power Inverter with USB Port
$9.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Refurbished
product: 1 Newpoint 120W Slimline DC-to-AC Power Inverter with USB Port

Price comparator post ! - Is this a good deal ? Let’s see ! :slight_smile:

Refurbished Newpoint 120W Slimline Power Inverter with USB Port, for $9.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Newpoint 120W Slimline DC-to-AC Power Inverter with USB Port

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Seems like a good deal for 15 bucks. 150 watt ones sell for 40 at RadioShack.

Using this is like indirectly running my laptop with gasoline.



thank goodness, I wouldn’t want my fro too hot

i gotsted me one! :smiley:

my cousin died from that, while trying to keep people out of the pool.

Huey Lewis reference?

WOW! I think this is my personal favorite page off all woot. I mean you got fros and a gasoline powered phone charger. I’m gonna need to get my ribs wrapped after this.

P.S. I’m in for TWO!!!

So smaller electronics can be powered by this. Not a home blender or crock pot to take tailgating?

nice! my friend has one and his does great charging laptop battery while en-route. he is also able to run laptop GPS with it.

Newpoint is a Power Sentry/Phillips affiliated brand

Ok… so is the average woot pilot using a Tom Tom GPS system instead of their flight training?

I wonder if the “car to airplane” adapter plug can be used with other inverters… cause I lost the one that came with my Dell travel adapter…


I take it you don’t fly very often if you don’t know what an airplane power outlet is.

I would think that part of it would work with just about any comparable product, as long as the inverter comes after it.

Hmm… Searches for this aren’t turning up anything. No one else sells this inverter?! No reviews?!

Do we still have to worry this might not provide enough clean power to run and or charge laptops? Even with all of the so called “safety measures” do I still run the risk of blowing the fuse on my car?

If you’d have used the price comparator (linked above), you’d have noticed that I found what seems to be an alternate name for this product.
And this would have led you to this Amazon review.
Too bad you didn’t use it. :wink:

120W at 13V is 9amps. Assuming that 120W is output power, and that the efficiency of the inverter is 85%, the inverter would use 9/0.85=10.5A to provide you with 120W.
Check the rating of the fuse of your car power outlet, and you’ll know if you’re at risk of blowing it or not. To be safe, consider that for each amp you get 10 available watts at the output of the inverter, and add 1A for safety. i.e. if your laptop adapter needs 70W, then you’d need a fuse of at least 7+1 = 8A.

I hope this helps you decide.

For geeks:

Please note that this calculation assumes that you use the adapter with the motor running (or that your battery has recently been charged). If the voltage of the battery decreases, the inverter will use more amps, and this will reduce how much power you can get out of the inverter.
Example: 120W with a battery voltage of 11V is 11amps - if we take the efficiency of the inverter into account, this means that you’d use 13A to get 120W, instead of the <10.5A with a charged car battery. Not to mention the fact that the efficiency of the inverter probably decreases when the battery voltage decreases, making it all even more complex.

This is common with all inverters and is just an application of basic electronics. Do not buy a 500W adapter thinking that you can use it easily: cars are not usually wired to provide 500W on their power outlet.