Next woot monkey?

My daughter is poised and ready for the next woot! off.

Will there be more monkeys?

Awwww, so cute!

Tell her there are always more monkeys!

She’s darling. Does she scream?

Awww. shes the cutest little wooter Ive ever seen. love grandma :slight_smile:

when ya pinch’m

i thought about doing this too
except with my cat
i am afraid she will not like me very much after though, so i have not tried this yet
i feel she would be mad because red is not her color and it’ll throw her whole wardrobe outta wack

beside the obvious look of despair on her face, im sure she’ll still look cute as a button either way

missed out on the tye-dye (though that was a smaller monkey) did get in on the giant screaming monkey though

all things are possible through jesus
amen :slight_smile: