Nextar 1.5” LCD Heart Shaped Photo Keychain

lol nice pic!

Monkeys almost had me!

nice Yes reference

Hope the pic is included

I got this back in the summer on a two-fer. Not a bad deal, if you have keen eyesight.

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New Nextar 1.5” LCD Heart Shaped Photo Keychain, for $6.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Nextar N1-506 1.5” LCD Heart Shaped Photo Keychain

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$6.99 looks pretty good to me …

looks like a cute-sy gift … might hit some up

priced around $13-14 elsewhere

Christmas gift anyone?

As cheesy as this is, it’s cheap enough that it doesn’t matter. My girlfriend will love it.

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What kind of marketing are they doing here?

Here is a link to info about it on the manufacturer’s web page:
Also price info on Amazon ($13.97):

I think I’m in for one for a stocking stuffer for my mom, to load grandchild photos.

There are some nextar keychain photo thingies on Amazon. The reviews, overall, aren’t that amazing…

I’ve been think the same thing… I am not yet convinced though

Is that the stupid monkey toy they sell during the woot off?!?!?!

I heart Monkeeeees

After looking around a little, I would think about getting the Coby DP-151 1.5" digital keychain frame. It is at Walmart (so no shipping) for about $15, Amazon has it for $13, Newegg for $15. Coby isn’t a great brand but the reviews are decent (not stellar but who expects that). Also it has a rectangular rather than heart-shaped frame, which might be preferable unless you have a recipient who would really like the heart. Here is a link to Amazon:

thinking the same thing, maybe i missed it but is the internal memory listed anywhere? it says 60 photos but…with 24 bit resolution you could have 60 photos on 500kbs

did you just say…stupid?..monkey?..toy?.. the screaming monkeys are the greatest dog toy ever.

I believe got one of the monkeys in a mystery box.

Note that I said “mystery box”, not BoC.

I’d swear it was from one of the woot clones…yeah, here’s the box, it still has a Bunch of Crap in it that I didn’t need. Thingfling. Actually, what I did find useful did add up to far more than I paid. I haven’t managed to snag a woot BoC yet, though.

Battery Life? I checked manf. website and FAQs, can’t find it anywhere. If it’s more than a day, I’m sold.