Nextar 1.5” LCD Heart Shaped Photo Keychain

funky monkeys

Boc time. I mean, give the people what they want, right? Is it too much to ask? What’s better than having BoC under the Christmas tree? I’m all about spreading cheer, especially if it comes in the form of a brown paper bag with a question mark on the front of it.

Geez Louise

Don’t MAKE me open this!

Don’t MAKE me open this!

Carp! Next!

my favorite thing about this piece of crap…the woot monkeys!

Can these products get any worse?


WTF WOOT!!! I couldn’t even get one of the last products. Bunch of BS. Upgrade your servers or something.

Next up… ROOMBA.

hows the quality on this guy? i have been looking for one for the holidays but this one looks cheap

what the f**** waw PPPPPaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAnnn CCCCCAAAAAaaaaaakeSSSS

Next up… ROOMBA.

slow servers! im sure my GF would not love this!

I Heart this.

Ok. Nobody talk to the jerk that said he cousin works for woot and the boc is next.

I’m gonna get me one of these, and pin it on today’s ShirtWoot shirt!