Nextar 4.3” Portable GPS w/MP3 & 12 month Traffic Subscription

Egadds my phone does this…next

i dont know why, but i already have 2 gps devices…
not planning to get a 3rd one… thanks…

fffffffffffffff …movie time

Hrm… not bad.

Nextar?? to the right and straight on til morning?

what are we watching?

Nexus One with built in navigation…Next item

how’d i get here?? ahhhh i took the left at facebook , around the corner from google

pssst that was quality

Okay, this is cool. A GPS that is also an Mp3 player. My Garmin does not roll like that. Nice feature!

Want a GPS… wiling to buy a Garmin…Pass

Be careful about MSN Direct. It will be discontinued after Jan 1st, 2012. Check out the website:


Sit down and hang for a bit. Grab a cup of coffee. Enjoy the show.

Does Woot do Quality Posts during a Woot Off?

meh. I guess for this group maybe.

Sugar Land?

People in Arkansas are buying this because they’re lost.

what happens after your traffic subscription expires? you have to pay more…

The GPS’s always get you with the little things. Pay to upgrade to new maps, traffic, ect ect

Lolz…thumbs up!


Will this thing help my boss’s head find it’s way out of his, um, nether regions?