Nextar 4.3” Portable GPS w/MP3 & 12 month Traffic Subscription


PC World review


Go back to wine.woot. :wink:

I actually won a Nextar GPS for my girlfriend out of a crane game. She’s been nothing but happy with it, with the exception of the very poor battery life (has to keep it plugged in prettymuch at all times)

I just weened myself off of using GPS and went back to using paper map and compass, and you throw something like this in front of me?

Next step: leaves instead of toilet paper!

That’s it, I’m getting lost… what a bummer

Come on. My B-day is tommorrow and all I want is a B.O.C. nothing e;se.

Have a Nextar GPS. Great product except the one time it thought I was driving through corn fields for over an hour.


my droid completely replaced my gps as my navigational device. no need with all the nifty smartphones coming out.

next please!

I’ve had a Nextar before and it was junk. It wasn’t this model and it was several years ago so I don’t know how much they’ve changed their technology. But for what it’s worth it was the WORST navigation I’ve ever used. I still love you though Woot :slight_smile:

Goin’ back to Houston…

My schwin could use this…

Double yay. I have a Garmin already

I’m looking for a hand held gps unit for geocaching

This is a really nice price.

Now you can drive off a cliff to the wondrous melodies of Flight of the Bumblebees.

is the MSN networking thru FM Free forever or expire after the 12 month subscription???

Thank god there’s only 4 of them