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Nextar Q4 4.3" GPS with Text to Speech [Refurbished] - $49.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Nextar Q4-RE Portable GPS with 4.3” LCD, Text to Speech and Lane Guidance

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here’s a review from PC Magazine

Correct Amazon link…

Reviews on Newegg aren’t so hot. Two out of five overall, but five of the nine reviews only rated it a one.

Newegg Reviews

Does anyone know if this GPS also play mp3 or videos?

What year are the maps and are the upgradable?

not good on cnet

Yep, second on this. If the referb is for 4 year old maps, and Nextar has decided not to allow at least a current upgrade on the maps, not sure what the point is, unless you’ve got a rather nifty time travelling Delorian… And if you do, why are you here? I mean, aside from the screaming monkey? Because I don’t care how cool your car is, the screaming monkey is WAAAAY cooler.

Nextar GPS’s suck. They have very slow satellite acquisition times and the map update support blows. Without map updates, your gps will be junk after a few years. Save your money and just buy a cheap Tomtom or Garmin.

I made the mistake once of buying a cheap GPS. I’ll never make that same mistake again.

Learn from my mistake and not your own… get a Garmin or a TomTom. It’s worth the extra money.

Looks somewhat hackable:

Once you get an explorer shell up and running it should be trivial to install some of the Mio hacks. I need something to replace my C310x. The audio stopped working, and I opened it up to find out that the magnet had separated from the speaker.

I think calling Nextar GPSs sucky is an insult to actual sucky GPSs. Nextars are positively abysmal. I’ve had an easier time divining a route with pig entrails.

anybody know if this can function as a speedometer? If so, does it store max speed? I don’t care about the maps, I just want to know how fast I’m skating!

Yeah, I was going to say that I bought a cheap Mio c310x on here a while ago and have been very happy with my cheap GPS. I like it much more than my father’s much pricier GPS, even though the maps are a little older. It’s not perfect, but it was cheap. I would suggest checking out the site mentioned above ( as well if you are into playing around with gadgets. I guess it all boils down to how much you want a GPS unit, and how much you are able to spend. If I didn’t already have my Mio, I’d probably give this a shot for $50 (even cheaper than my Mio).

I own a Nextar Q4 (rev 6) and I love it, my mom owns a Magellan Roadmate that is a few years old and is crappy by comparison. I haven’t had any problems with it so far, and the maps are great.

Anyone know what the battery life is on this?

My experience with Nextar GPS units has been very poor. I bought one from woot a few years back. It had a problem right out of the box and Nextar’s response over the phone was that they do not honor warranty claims unless the units were purchased from a Nextar authorized reseller, of which woot is not, (or at least it wasn’t at the time). I was then told that the Nextar rep was required to terminate my call and I was disconnected. Absolutely terrible service. Luckily for me, woot was gracious enough to accept a return after I explained the issue. Boo Nextar. Thank you Woot!

looks identical to the Omnitech unit maybe a rebrand. if it is, it’s very easily hacked to run any nav program. I’ve got- Garmin, Tomtom, Navigon, Amigo, and iGo nav programs ALL installed and running on mine. I turn it on and pick whichever one i feel like using at the time.
You don’t buy this to use as is out of the box, it’s all about hacking it.