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Nextar Q4 GPS with Text to Speech [Refurbished] - $44.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Nextar Q4-RE Portable GPS with 4.3” LCD, Text to Speech and Lane Guidance

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What a great price on a well featured GPS!

Here’s a review:

How current are the maps? Is there a update available?

How does this compare to the Garmin offered a while back? Mine was stolen last month. I really liked the Garmin. It was easy to use, and usually worked well. What voices does this one have? This is definitely the price point for something that WILL be stolen…

From the ones I have tested from my work they are faster than there previous Nextar counterparts that came before but it is still a little buggy and slow when navigating the map. The games are a nice addition but you have to pay for full versions (same with all the additional features). What I do like is the fact that the maps are not as locked down on these as some other units and you may be able to find free maps updates, but I didnt tell you that. Also because it uses Windows CE you can even put your own navigation software on it if you would like. Overall not bad for the price, and very hackable.

Review - along with the owner’s manual (both hardware and software) for those interested . . .

I owned one, it bricked in a day, I returned it and never bought another Nextar. YMMV. Note: There is a significant “following” of people that love Nextar’s routing . . . and it is possible (although it may prove difficult depending on which board is in the unit you receive - they shipped with three different boards from China) to hack the device. No map updates are available I am aware of (OEM) and their customer service is non-existent in my expereince. If you want to hack a GPS and not be out a lot of $$ if YOU brick it, this might be a good choice. As the poster prior to me noted, you “didn’t hear it from me” but they can be modified (it is a windows CE device not unlike the old Omnitech and some of the Pharos units), have fun!

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So is this GPS any good?

This comment is not encouraging:

So far only Texans have decided to take the plunge…

Product Manual

They don’t know where they are going.

this is very hackable to run any nav program you want…
I’m running: Garmin, Tomtom, igo, navigon, and amigo on mine off a single 4gb sd card… Everytime i turn on my gps, i get to pick which one i want to use.

Give us a break. We have 268601 square miles to navigate!! :wink:

Is there an EASY way to create a self-destruct code, so when the assholes steal this it will blow their eyes out, and burn their hands to the bone?

This has all the right specs at a great price, so, what kind of reception does it get, and does it ever lock up?

Wow, a $45 GPS unit with TTS. Unfortunately you get what you pay for here. One of my relatives got this as a gift. The maps are old as hell. Expect this unit to think you are blasting through a cornfield instead of that shiny new highway extension.

Can’t you just update the map?