Nextar Solar Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit

5 days ago, good morning!

try again…not a bagg of crapp but def. a piece of crapp

Yes, God does exist. But no prayers get answered until the Woot-Off is over.

God really wants a LeakFrog.

marginal deal - is $30 elsewhere

I’m very nervous and feel dirty


The same time they always do.

They knew that! I heard them talking about it!

not a deal:

possibly a dumb question but what is the boggy old creature people are talking about.

lol know the feeling

User Manual

Britney Spears.

Her response, “I’m going back to sleep, don’t get any lotion on the keyboard.”

we just had a woot-off sometime back…doubt if we would get to see bag of crap this time

It never fails!
Woot-off, and I’m out of beer. CRAP!

it began at 1pm EST

So is paypal or credit card faster for a bandolier of carrots?