Nextex Women's Assorted Sherpa Socks 3P

Nextex Women's Assorted Sherpa Socks 3P

I ordered these for my sister and niece for Christmas as fuzzy socks and blankets have become a tradition for us. I couldn’t resist trying on a pair and they are wonderful! Warm and snuggly, it’s akin to being wrapped in my favorite blanket (or a certain pair of arms :blush:)

They go about 5 inches above my ankle, so not as high as I would like, but they’ll do the job for lounging around the house, particularly at night with the heat turned down. As I’ve just gotten them I can’t attest to durability but they certainly appear to be well made with none of the obvious fraying or loose threads I’ve seen with other such socks. Sizing has me a bit concerned because I had to work a tiny bit to get them above my thick calves. Fortunately neither my sister nor niece have that problem. The fit on my feet (size 7) is excellent with room to spare.

The bottoms have those rubber grips that make it easier to walk around the house in just the socks, no slippers. I don’t know if that’s a good thing for me but a lot of people seem to like it.

Off to buy another set to replace the ones I’m wearing!