Nextex Women's Pajama Pants 3-Pack

Nextex Women's Pajama Pants 3-Pack

Is there any way I can be assured I get a pink if I buy the set? Thank you


If ordered, will I receive 3 different ones or are duplicates possible? If I order 2, will I get all 6?

Individual pictures actually show 7 separate print designs.

Pockets? My wife only wants pants with pockets. Cause she’s smart. (Def was not forced to say that)

Sorry, can’t guarantee colors.

Others: Asking about duplicates and pockets.


  • no pockets
  • Per the vendor, there will be not be duplicates in a set of 3.

My wife wears Medium, but she likes to be comfortable? what size should I order?

Best thing to do is grab a pair that fits the way she likes and lay them flat. Measure them and compare to the size chart.

Where can I find the size chart?

The second image.

I hope it is correct about no duplicates. I found this same offer on another site and it says that there may be duplicates.:woman_shrugging: