Nexus 6 32GB (VZW/GSM Unlocked)(S&D)

This was my favorite phone until replacing it with a Note 8. If I were to need a capable inexpensive phone today, this would be high on my list. I sold it to a co-worker after replacing the battery myself and it’s still chugging along just fine today.

Is this unlocked GSM phone version
a Nexus 6 by Motorola (XT1103) phone that would hence be usable on ?

Howdy. You can use this link to see if it will work with your network.

Huge fail
Site doesn’t list this model
Advanced search doesn’t function

Here’s the info to fill out:

You can use this phone on any wireless carrier in the United States, I purchased mine from Sprint and sold it to a co-worker who uses AT&T. He simply switched his sim card from his old phone to the Nexus 6 and he was up and running.

Some downsides to purchasing this phone is that you probably will not be able to remove some of the Verizon bloatware, and you’ll never be able to change the OS to a custom third-party like Lineage, MIUI, OxygenOS, etc. unless someone has figured out their locked bootloader.

It’s a Nexus. They all have unlocked bootloaders. It even says so in the title of this Woot. They also run stock Android and get updates directly from Google. This one should be able to download Android 7.1

I stand corrected, this isn’t bootloader locked (my memory/internet sleuthing needs work). Almost all of my post is void. Knowing that the bootloader is unlocked makes this an even better buy as you can install any of those previously mentioned third-party OS’s.

On a side note don’t forget that you get Google Pay and wireless charging with this one.

timby, usually when Woot lists a phone as ‘unlocked’, they only mean carrier unlocked.

This was such a righteous deal. Bought four phones, and I had planned on returning one in case of bad cosmetics. As it turns out, all four arrived with stock Android 7.1 w/o Verizon bloatware. OTA upgrade to 7.1.1 was automatic. Condition is excellent on three, good on one. All four screens are in great shape. Boot loader is locked on one of them, but unlocking it is trivial with stock Android (you do it in Developer mode). I’m keeping all four. Thanks Woot and your supplier!

On edit:. BUT… The USB ports were CLOGGED with crap, so badly that I needed beading needles and a 5x magnifier to dig out all of the crap! Whatever these were in, they did NOT shield the USB port.

Do these get new batteries when refurbished? They presumably are 3-4 years old otherwise and would probably hold about half a normal charge

Each battery is fully tested and if it’s not working up to our high standards at the time of testing, we will replace the battery.

Can I use one of these on Sprint? I know the unlock/bands issue is not a barrier. I am concerned with the Sprint side, is it locked in their system to a sprint account/has a balance so I would not be able to activate.

There’s no way to know if that will be a problem until you have the IMEI number from which ever phone that you get. That being what it is, there is very little chance that this will be an issue and if it is, Woot will refund your purchase.