NEXX Garage Smart Garage Door Controller

NEXX Garage Smart Garage Door Controller

No Homekit = No Bueno

I actually bought a MyQ on Prime Day but didn’t realize I needed the expensive Hub to use Homekit. So I’m returning it and gonna try Besy Buys Insignia brand :woman_shrugging:

You are better off with MyQ because you only replace the indoor button panel, 2 wires, then the system is able to read the door status from the motor without having to wire sensors to the door. That button panel has a bidirectional btransceiver to communicate to the MyQ internet hub which serves your whole house, however many garage doors you might have. Better newer compatible cars can display whether your door is open or not.

What you need is the “LiftMaster 888LM+828LM MyQ Retrofit Package” currently at Amazon for $74.

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Good thing you returned the MyQ.

[rant]It’s a terrible product for anyone interested in home automation (MyQ either as an add on or integrated into their openers). Sure, it works OK using their own app, but that’s it (and has limitations for the add on). Chamberlain group wants to charge you a fee for IFTTT “integration”, for example, which actually only allows you to close the door: no other Alexa/Google integrations allowed. They actively shutdown third party skills written to get around this, and block posts in their community forums that describe how to achieve full Alexa/Google integration using cheap smart relays. And now, after increasing criticisms in the community forums, their answer was just to shut the forums down.

Ya, I’m bitter, lol. I was one of those who spent good cheddar on a new opener I didn’t know was so crippled that it wouldn’t work when I began automating my home.[/rant]


I saved the link to the workaround before they shut the forum down:


I’m curious what HomeKit support would get you?

Side note, NEXX now has a Facebook group called “Nexx Community” you can join to see other users’ feedback, and provide your own, or even ask for help.

Bought the NEXX a couple of WOOT sales ago and have no regrets. My only negative comment is that the geofencing feature causes the app on my phone to HUGELY drain my phone battery, probably because of how it’s constantly querying the GPS to know when you’ve crossed the fence. So I don’t use that feature for that reason.

One other complaint that others have had about the geofencing feature is that it’s not reliable. I found that to make it reliable, set the radius to the maximum. There’s a delay between when it detects you’ve crossed the fence and the door actually opens, and THAT delay is not consistent. By increasing the radius to the maximum, it ensures you (mostly, still not always) have the garage door opening by the time you pull into the driveway.

To test if this inconsistency is your issue, if you indeed experience issues with the geofence, when you pull into your driveway and the door doesn’t open initially, wait in the driveway another 30 seconds to a minute to see if the door does eventually open on its own. If it does, then your radius is too small. If the door still never opens, then it’s a different issue.

The only other catch with this is that sometime in the last several months, NEXX reduced the maximum allowed radius from 200 to 150, and this again makes it less reliable for me. Why they reduced the max radius, I have no idea.

I’ve used MyQ for over a year now, haven’t had one problem.

I need a glossary with you guys! So, MyQ is a competing app that will work with the NEXX hardware?

And HomeKit is an Apple product which allows further integrations from an iPhone?

So, if you are happy with the NEXX app and.or “Alexa, tell NEXX to check the garage door”, then you don’t need any of it, right?

MyQ is the proprietary Chamberlain system. The main issue is that Chamberlain wants a subscription to connect to any home automation system. Homekit is one such home automation system.
This NEXX product does not work with the modern Chamberlain systems. Chamberlain are just greedy b*stards.

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Great for you. But you missed the entire point of my post 🤷

So I can use Siri on my phone/CarPlay