Nexxtech 7” 16:9 LCD Portable DVD Player

good price…but whats the point…battery life on these things sucks!

Woot! Price:
$69.99 + $5 shipping = $74.99 (refurb)

Froogle Says:
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$90 to $100 (refurb)

You Save: Up To 25%! (now that’s really something to rox0rz! about)

its this mountable? …in a car perverts.

If it was A 9" I would get one

This, to me, isn’t a good deal. I’ve seen better brands, at cheaper prices. Plus, if you have a laptop, what’s the point of a portable DVD player?

no thank you woot!

not worth staying up.

OK…How much does this weigh?

this anygood??? only region 1? hackable?

Have laptop to play DVDs…Nice price…Battery doesn’t last long…

Disappointing. Not even the lowest price on the web for this woot.

Good night all.

7 inches? when you click on picture it gives you actual size!

I work as a tech on portable DVD players - NEVER buy one without an extended warranty - they break VERY EASILY - buyer beware-

Refurb… just means it wasn’t good enough the first time…

And here is the froogle link:”+16%3A9+LCD+Portable+DVD+Player&hl=en&btnG=Search+Froogle

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Good deal, but I’m going to have to skip.

By the way, you guys should skip the Google translator for your French :wink:

no woot. Just bought 8" last week for $57 shipped.

wow…surprised to see nexxtech. It was a circuit city store brand, all pieces of junk. hopefully tomorrow brings a better deal

Price information is not available after the sale is over
Nexxtech 7” 16:9 LCD Portable DVD Player
$69.99+ $5 shipping

1 Nexxtech 7” 16:9 LCD Portable DVD Player PDN-0705

umm, they were 80 new at best buy a while ago, not this brand, but new and comparable