NFL 36x20 Stadium Posters

Woot - please make note the Rams are no longer in St. Louis. They are LA’s problem now.

Yeah but when the photo shows the end zones with bit letters that say ST LOUIS, they’re the St. Louis Rams.

I can understand the discount for 1 year old Ram’s posters but the Metrodome has been gone for over 3 years.

And some people miss it dearly.

NYG is the worst poster in the bunch? some kid took it on his iphone and they snatched it from his facebook to complete the collection.

Well, they got San Diego right. A bunch of empty seats that the city ends up paying for. LOL. Sigh. San Diego Chokers, ftl

Would have bought the Indy Colts stadium poster, but it shows an empty stadium! Duh. Fans look for a poster showing activity on the field and enthusiastic spectators in the seats.

Too bad they couldn’t include Mt Rainier at CenturyLink Field…

The Ravens photo is of the back of the head of three people on club level and then you can see the stadium. I guess it was too much hassle to take a step or two forward to not have them in the shot.

Great shot of Gillette.

oh wait, nevermind.

When did the Redkin hair care product line buy the Washington Redskins? Woot, if this is your way of being politically correct, you suck. If you just hired an intern who can’t spell then I totally get it.

Not trying to make a statement, just a spelling error. I’ll correct it.

Just got mine in the mail a couple weeks ago… Could have printed a higher quality picture myself, super grainy. No way it’s going up on my wall.