NFL & NCAA Counter-Height Fridges

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NFL & NCAA Counter-Height Fridges
Price: $289.99
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Well I was thinking about setting up my own little refrigerator bowl in my den so of course I picked Oklahoma and Texas. The Red River Rivalry. Boomer Sooner!

But I noticed the refrigerator doors are different at the top. That make me wonder if the door shelves on the inside might be different.

I’m probably not going through with my scheme, but I was curious if anybody knows why the door tops would be different?,0,558,441.jpg,0,558,441.jpg

I never thought I’d see a racist refrigerator. Hail to the Redskins!

Tepid Reviews at Amazon.

That’s cold man.

HMM… I am a sports fan but I’m also not a chump.

Lets Buy a cheap fridge that actually cost < 100 throw some Offical stickers on it and charge $500… Muhahahaha.

I’m not blaming woot since they are actually selling these at a discount compared to other vendors but still that price is crazy. Buy this Igloo Eraser Board fridge and draw your team logo on it for $109 bucks and the price of chalk.