NFL Controversy - Replacement Refs bought from w00t!

Any thoughts about Seattle based NFL Games that appear on Monday Night Football?

NFL games have become a circus.

Well, part of the circus anyway…trained lions, tigers, and bears, acrobats and jugglers handling the ball, a ton of scary clowns dressed like zebras but acting like the guy in the rear half of the pantomime horse costume.

All we need now are the poodles dressed like ballerinas. Oh wait - that would be the (insert rival team here…Cowgirls in my case).

No, they bought them from the Lingerie League rejects.

Pretty sure that’s worse than refurbs.

Alas, the only football I follow is Puppy Bowl.

This thread may have some like minded discussion too for you, though.

Oh jeez - does that bring a flood of memories! When my youngest was little and the first Puppy Bowl was held, he was transfixed…and it has been on in our house every year until a couple of years ago when he went to college.

He loved it so much he wrote a letter to the network offering to volunteer and help out at the filming, which was not as naive as you may think, considering the Discovery headquarters is 20 minutes away from our home.

We still flip to it during the “other” game.

no BOhC will ever contain scabs.
this is my personal pledge.

In case anyone is curious, this is the video of the call made last night…possibly WORST call EVA:

That last call is the one getting all the attention today but really it was the straw that broke the camel’s back here. Nearly every game has been a mess.

Chiefs - Saints game had 5-6 reversed calls I think? And those were just the bad calls that happened to go to replay.

I have a friend who is a big Saints fan and he was blowing a fuse the whole time, lol

Help us Ed-Wan Hochuli, you’re our only hope!

w00t! has agreed to refund the purchase price of the Replacement Refs and replace them with Regular Refs purchased from!

They’d better get something done. Ratings might be up for now, but only because it’s such a train wreck and humans love watching things fall apart. In the long run this will be bad for everybody!

Save the NFL! Give those refs a pension FFS!

Replacement refs throughout history:

It’s Official!