NFL Goodie Bags

NFL Goodie Bags

Received my 2 NFL goodie bags today and pretty upset about the contents. It was supposed to be up to 6 random items and all I got was 2 goodie bags with the same things in each. Pretty disappointed in the “random selection”

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I got one too. Total junk. A plastic ornament that’s split. Cleaning gloves. A soap dish. A fridge magnet with a failed quarterback and a weird phone wallet that only fits phones as big as iPhones 5. Kept the flag, threw the rest in the garbage.

Yeah, mine was total junk as well but I also only received 5 of the “at least 6” items of which one was broke and 2 were for the St. Louis Rams. (One was LA Rams and the other two weren’t city specific but had the Gold logo)

Got mine today. I liked 4 of my 6 items. I don’t wear contacts so those are useless and the soap dish was broken but the other items were cool! Thanks Woot

The bag I received contained a chipped and cracked soap dish and contact lens cases out of the package.

Hello all. If you didn’t receive 6 items or something was broken, be sure to contact Woot customer service. We want to track issues.

please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.