NFL Hoodie Scarves

This is Hipster level X 100

No Jaguars, so bummed! I do realize that people in Jacksonville don’t need winter headwear too often but they do have fans living in colder climes who do. Sad fans, fans looking to next year. Next year!

It’s a good thing I don’t need one of these in Buffalo as a Bills fan…

No Tampa Bay Buccaneers?

Woot, what’s the deal with no Dallas Cowboys or San Diego Chargers?

Probably some licensing situation. Sorry.

No LA Rams either.

Not that anyone in LA wants to show their allegiance to the team anyway. They’ve already managed to stink up the season. (But it would give those of us in STL, where the Rams used to live before going back to LA, something else to laugh at…)

I guess this doesn’t count as “clothing”, as I’m being charged sales tax, in a no sales tax on clothing state?

Where are the Cowboys?