NFL LED Mousepads

If only this were college…

No Seahawks, eh? Interesting…

I remember using mousepads. I should show these top my kids so they can see how we used to live.

I still use a mouse pad. Unfortunately there is no information on the actual surface of the mouse pad.

Debating on getting one as a cheap bar sign or to hang up in my cubicle…


Well, they can’t ‘run’ out of Seahawk’s gear they ‘passed’ on…

No Seahawks? Yeah they lost the Superbowl…but last time I checked, only one of the other teams offered even WENT to it! No Hawks, NO DEAL!

Why is it most NFL products you pimp is missing Seahawks?

It’s amazing to hear all these bandwagon seahawks fans nowadays. Where were all of you years ago when they were horrible. And your 12th man is a joke. You paid Texas A&M loot just to use their trademark. Losers. Be original.

Only a good deal as an addon from what I can tell.

My dad’s a Giants fan, so I was pricing that one. $13 w/ prime shipping on the mothership.

I for one am a proud Seahawks bandwagon fan AND former Texan! Goodness, the words you could say about me must also be weirdly heated for something that is relatively meaningless.

A few Amazon reviews say it is a “hard plastic” surface which would make sense considering the center logo lights up too. Seahawks…bahahahaha

Also, as someone else mentioned these are $12.99 and Prime eligible at Amazon so you will save a couple bucks there unless you are adding on here.

I love how everyone says Seahawk fans are bandwagon fans. When we sucked way back when, you would never have known the fan base since we never got to any playoffs. Therefore, how woud you now know we are bandwagon fans now? Because everyone is celebrating them here… and that is so different than any other city?


To quote an SNL bit–
I’ve been with the Seahawks since the beginning… of 2013.