NFL Licensed Tailgate Bars

If anyone is interested, the set of 4 stools will run you around $119, a new standard wrap design will run around $99 which would give you a new umbrella wrap and bar wrap design. It would be more money if you wanted new stool covers or other pieces.

I bought one of these in the spring and we took it to the nascaar race. It is great. When they say it goes up in minutes, they mean it. Mind you, it takes a bit longer with drunk men trying to disassemble it and trying to put it in the bag, but that’s why they have women.

Owned one of these for 2 seasons. Pretty great product. The only issue that I had is that one of the pocket corners on the umbrella ripped since it’s sometimes hard to put the umbrella on. Also the 4th of July cover had to be aired out for a long time and had a weird smell. Currently have 3 different covers, USC, 49ers, and 4th of July. It does make a great statement and people always ask me about where to get them and I give them a 10% Off referral coupon which I don’t know if anyone has ever used(probably because you get the same discount by just providing an email and they don’t make it very easy to use an affiliate code).

Heads up though, if you want an NFL skin you probably need to buy them sooner than later. According to an email I received them, it shoulds like they are being discontinued (more than likely losing/not renewing their NFL license).

Also sometimes they sell the packages cheaper through their website, I think I got mine at around 50% off.

If only you had one for the Santa Clara 49er’s!

Dangit Woot, stop posting stuff I want but can’t afford at the time when I’m moving.