NFL Mystery Bag

Florida out to an early lead (on sales)!

Don’t be a chump. Stay away from this one.

I was actually going to waste some money on this, but of course there is no Lions bag.

Lions fan?

No, sir, I am not. Just giving advice based on what I received when I ordered one.
See past comments:

I ordered one a while back… Got an inflatable helmet and random team themed trinkets… Contents in total was probably valued at what I paid, but not more in my opinion… Which I have to admit is fair… Personally, I’d rather spend my money on things I want… Just my opinion… Same results for me with the Big Movie Mystery Crate… Got pretty ugly movie themed leftovers consisting of a tote bag, tee shirt, glass cup, and 3d postcards… Probably valued at the $20 I paid, but nothing great… The stuff was actually butt ugly… Same with the recent electronics mystery box for $49.99… Contents probably worth a little more than what I paid but nothing special… For those of you who like the thrill of buying yourself a non returnable present and enjoy the thrill of the unknown when you open it, by all means knock yourself out and do as you please… I just want help by sharing my personal experiences with these Woot “mystery” boxes… Personally, based on my own experience, I learned that I should have spent the money on something I actually wanted… No complaints here, I totally understand the risks when putting my money down on these… I totally understand there are risks with these purchases, but there seems to be little reward… Good luck with the contents if you decide to buy!!!

Bought Pittsburgh Box for my brother last time. This time going with Dallas Box for employee. Will be cool and money’s not bad. We’ll see what he gets.

Git the mystery box yesterday and gave to employee to open. Nothing much different than the type of stuff in the last mystery box, but he was stoked to get Cowboys stuff out here in Vegas.

  1. Inflatable Helmet
  2. Bandaids
  3. Lanyard
  4. Pet Toy
  5. Hair Feathers (for his GF)
  6. Eyelashes (for his GF)