NFL & NCAA Goodie Bags

NCAA choice has NFL teams

While I do agree Georga players are paid to play, if you scroll down further you’ll see the NCAA teams.

I bought one of these a couple of woots back and was extremely disappointed. If it had been free it would still not have been worth the $5 shipping.

I bought one a couple of weeks ago too (and an MLB one a couple of months back) and felt it was a fair value. I bought a Dolphins one this time around and my biggest complaint is that almost all of the items were of their previous logo. It’s been 3 years already since they changed it. C’mon Woot!

I am disappoint. Where is Indiana in the NCAA choices?

Why show a Texas A&M cup and then not include them?

It sold out last time, pics weren’t updated. Sorry! :expressionless:

I was wondering the same thing. Is A&M available or not?

I’m sorry. It’s not. It sold out last time and we didn’t have time to reshoot the image. :frowning:

If I bought one last time, and I get one this time for the same team, how probable is it that I will get the same items?

*Very Likely

I expected this Seahawks Grab Bag to be a bunch of crap… like the bag o’ crap… ended up getting some cool stuff.

Seahawks fan in CT

1 x black lanyard with mat black Seahawks logo

1 x Seahawks Bumper Sticker

1 x Leather Seahawks checkbook cover

1 x Seahawks teddy bear plush

1 x Seahawks Soap Dish

1 x Seahawks Ear buds with mic

All NFL licenced brand new with tags.

I bought this item as a gift. While I was well aware that it was a random grab bag, I am really disappointed that it contained things like a Hello Kitty blanket and hair clips.

Lucky you, the Bills bag was crap none of it was anything I would use or want :frowning: What a waste of 20.00 (cost plus shipping) :frowning:

First time I ever ordered from Woot. Was disappointed in the items that arrived. Got a phone case that won’t fit my husband’s phone, a small fleece throw with Mickey Mouse in the team uniform on it, logo cleaning gloves, ear buds, a super cheap lanyard and something else so forgettable I don’t remember what it was
I know it was only $15 and I was taking a serious chance on it but I expected more from the picture shown.

Very disappointed in the Steelers grab bag. Of the 6 items in the grab bag - 4 were very specifically gendered for women/girls -Earrings, eyelashes, girly temp tattoos, and a pink Minnie Mouse throw. Glad I opened it up and checked it out before wrapping it for my son. I knew it was a grab bag, but wouldn’t expect a sports themed thing to be so heavily girly.