NFL, NHL & NBA Heritage Banners

Interesting… the NFL ones seem to realize teams originated in other places and show that on a few banners… but NHL seems to think “The Stars” were never, say “The North Stars” for example. Some may have issues with this. I’m not sure where I’d hang something so oddly sized, so I’m not one of those people. :slight_smile:

Excuse me - where are the Stanley Cup Champs? I want my Kings!

You tease! Pictured a Bruins banner on the main page without one actually for sale. This is like that Stanley Cup attempt all over again!

I, too, notice a distinct lack of Stanley Cup Champs for sale here… where are my Wings?

story of my life, too short and narrow.

Why are the Packers not included? You missed out on some serious fans!

Freaking dangit, bring back the Original Six ones!

The pre-1999 logos on the Browns’ banner are wrong. They should be blank.

No GB? Fail…