NFL or NCAA Goodie Bag

NFL or NCAA Goodie Bag
Price: $14.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Jan 18 to Tuesday, Jan 19) + transit
Condition: New


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12/21/2015 - $14.99 - Click To See Discussion (66 comments)

Bought this last time, and can’t say I would have bought any one of the items in the mix. Just my luck. Meh.

Go into this with low expectations and you will be pleasantly surprised. I really liked the bag I purchased about a year ago, there were a few things I actually use.

St Louis Rams! HA
I hope kroenke gets crushed by a I-beam in LA!!

Ordered 2 last time and made a friend order 1 too. 2 Raiders and one Patriots. Was fooled by the picture - Helmet etc…
What i got was a barebone digital watch, cell phone cover for iphone 5, Ear plugs (cheap looker), fish bait, head band in Raiders and had a pair of sunglasses (the plastic ones in toysrus type), a pair of SOX for patriots - the only useful one. 15 plus $5 shipping (only one per customer)… so $20… i would say this is good for recycle. Waste of money.

Please sell an NHL version of this. I’d happily buy random NHL crap and be disappointed by Red Wings socks or something.

What, no University of Virginia?

Still no Illinois. :frowning:

Soooo tempting but alas, Woot has broken my heart too many times the last couple years.

$20 with no guarantee of receiving items to make it “worth it”. Sorry woot, not risking it this time.

got the Patriots bag the last two times they offered this. I was happy with both if them. I agree that the items are not the high-priced stuff I would have liked, but they make great gifts for the grandkids.

Please don’t waste your money.

Does anyone know… is NCAA North Carolina option NSCU or UNC - both NCAA but rival teams!!!

It’s definitely UNC.

First one I got was for my brother a Steelers fan. Promised 7 items only got 6. He liked the stuff in it, but I was pissed about the one item short thing. Got one for my business partners’ son each of the last two times for Dallas. He and his GF are Cowboys’ fans. He liked the stuff and uses, at least, some of it. Some of it is nonsense, like ticket holders and silly little stuff, but if it put a smile on their faces and they can play with it, its worth something.

Expect crap and you shall receive! Only thing I wanted was the blow up helmet and got earmuffs instead, in the trash with all of it .

Thanks for saving me and my son $40.00 total, for NOT having GEORGIA TECH. jOe

Got it for my hubbs for Christmas. Got several things for little girls (odd) but also got some cool OU headphones $45.00 online and a holographic magnet $15.? Only 2 things he could use. The pair of little girls sandals sell for $45-50.00 online. Giving those and the ear muffs away. lol

i second the request for NHL merchandise. and i find it odd/annoying/a good way not to make money that you can only buy one of these–i was hoping to be able to at least get one per league as fun little gift packs for friends.