NFL or NCAA Mystery Bags

Did they learn from last fail and this one is good? Decisions decisions…

I did receive some good stuff in the last one of these, but I think I will pass, this time.

Will the NCAA bags be different than last time, or at least include updated team logos?

No don’t do it. And whatever you do don’t get 2 like I did last time. You will just end up with two of the same junk

Comments from a previous sale of the NFL Bags
Comments from a previous sale of the NCAA Bags

Loved my Notre Dame Mystery Bag last time. In for another this time. Go Irish!

not crap

I’d rather have a Geek Mystery Bag, thank you.

Yeah not buying this again. pretty disappointed last time I bought my NCAA bag. was just a bunch of junk.

+1000 ^^

Let’s make that happen, mkk?

I was going to order a Cleveland Browns mystery bag…then I remembered that every draft by the Browns is a terrible mystery bag so I passed.

I very much doubt it.

This is what I got from the August 18th sale, described as a minimum of 6 items: An inflatable helmet, a wallet, a magnetic snack clip, a “hair coil,” a bandana and a “ticket holder.”

The ticket holder was the last straw for me… it took me a couple minuntes to realize that it wasn’t packaging for another item, that it WAS the item. Useless.

It wasn’t AWFUL, but the items really didn’t seem worth $15+$5 shipping.

I got three last time, thinking “The Woot Gods will shine down upon me, and send me better crap since I paid for three.” Or naaahhh. I got three identical bags, each filled with trinkets of a quality similar to that of the junk you’d get from a gumball machine. I’ll pass this time.

I ordered one of the NFL Saints bag the last 2 times and got almost identical items(and a lot of kids stuff in there-flash cards,etc) are there new items or the same crap?

The Huskers were busters, The Ducks had no Luck. The 9ers were whiners and the Raiders were faders. I hope the stuff is worth enough. I ain’t buyin cuz I been retirin’

Got an NFL bag last time and was very happy with it. Going for the NCAA bag this time.

This is the gift that keeps on giving. This thread will turn into people screaming how they got ripped off. Can’t wait for the anger to begin.

last one was ok…but nothing special…i will pass on this one…and probably lose out on an awesome package…