NFL Seats and Tailgating Stuff

I would be all over these seats, but there isn’t even an option for the Chargers? :frowning:

thats great, but none of those will make it past security.

Do the seats have hooks on the bottom to secure them to bleachers? A must if you lean back.

Yeah…in the big picture of NFL greed, they outlaw bringing these type of seats into the stadium, yet the Bills are now offering to rent you a similar product for $80 a season. Meh. I’ll wear 4 extra pair of underwear as padding.

We bought one of these from the mothership this past summer. They don’t have hooks. But they do have this weird nubby kind of texture on the bottom that grips the bleachers. I know it sounds strange, but it works. You can lean back without tipping, and it’s the most comfortable stadium seat I’ve ever sat in. It’s way better than our seat with the metal hooks.