NFL Swirl Straw Tumbler 2-Pack

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NFL Swirl Straw Tumbler 2-Pack
Price: $9.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Tuesday, Feb 25 to Wednesday, Feb 26) + transit
Condition: New


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You are never too old for a Swirly Straw

I’d be in for some if only there was a Seahawks one…

Hmmm, either they are out of them or do not even have them as an option as far as the Seahawks.

To bad.

I would be more interested if there were Houston Texans tumblers.

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Hate to be a buzzkill but I bought 3 of these a while back and we found 2 issues.

  1. Quality issues: One of our screw-on lids has started cracking after 1 use. The grommet on the top of another arrived warped.

  2. There’s something odd about the straw. When you take your mouth off, the drink keeps coming out of the top so as to spit at you. You end up looking like a drooling mess with a drinking problem.

But they are cute and shiny and look really good when they are new.

Was going to buy a couple but don’t see my team…your loss.

So, other than opening some hole in a temporal vortex which will destroy the earth, what else will happen if you throw this in the dishwasher? Why is it handwash only?

Ditto! Shame on Woot for mentioning the Hawks, then not offering the cups with the Hawks logo! Boo.

What? No Seahawks? Too bad.

LOL, I typed s-h-a-m-e on Woot, but Woot edited it to say phasers…? I even tried to edit it. There are some shady people working at Woot! ha!

Why is the Eagles straw clear? It makes the cup boring. If the Eagles straw were green, I’d think about it.

The straw will get pretty warped from the heat of the water in the dishwasher.

I got these awhile back.

They’re $2 tumblers with a crappy team sticker. Nothing on them even implies that they’re legitimately licensed merchandise.

This is the first thing I’ve bought from Woot where I said, “Wow, what a piece of crap.”

What? No love for Seahawks?! (@__@)*

+1, and I would have bought quite a few (one for work, one for home, a couple of back-ups)

Yous guys clamoring for your team in this sale don’t understand that your team’s not in there because it’s so popular we either sold out of it in a previous sale OR we weren’t able to get hold of any at a discount.

Helpful Woot person…can you respond to the posts that these are crappy $2 tumblers with a sticker and/or break after their first use?