NFL Tailgate Toss XL Game

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NFL Tailgate Toss XL Game
Price: $89.99
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Pretty awful reviews from amazon:

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I was always told an important part of cornhole (and one of the reasons it got said name) was that the bags needed to be filled with corn - the bags smacking the board after being thrown gradually break up the corn inside and ever-so-lightly distribute a cornmeal-like substance on the board, making the bags slide better.

It’s a shame they don’t have the new logos for Jacksonville or Miami.

There is a material called plywood that comes in 4x8 foot sheets (1/2" thick birch would be a good candidate, I think). The big box stores will even cut them out to dimension, if you ask. Inexpensive pine trim boards are also available is a range of sizes for the fold-out legs and such. Get some fabric and some dry deer corn and the beanbag job won’t take long. As for the NFL writing and logos, wear your NFL jersey and/or hat, if you want.

What I am getting at is that there is no way that I would pay even a discounted $89.99 for a cheap set of Cornhole equipment with some NFL markup on it. That actually disgraces the origins of the game.

W-T-F is “Tailgate Toss”? Is “cornhole” somehow not politically correct or what? Or maybe already trademarked? And $90 is ridiculous, let alone the list price. I wonder if anybody, anywhere, has actually paid $200 for this. As kingmel already suggested, for less than $20 in materials and an hour or two of your time you can make your own cornhole set.

Build your own, sturdier, more customized for half the price folks. Google directions, takes an hour or two. Coffee beans are used in the simply sewn bags for delicious smell. $90?? Gimmie a break woot.

$90 is lot to spend on a toy that won’t arrive in time for the biggest game of the year, even if it does come with your choice of team.

What…everyone else said.

For my 30th birthday, my sister and friends surprised me with a bags set and everyone signed it at the party. I put a clear coat on it and it’s my single favorite gift from the last couple years. Just an idea for anyone looking to give a cool present.