NFL Tapestry Throws

I have to say, I am impressed with the artwork on these things! Beautiful, actually.

I agree, these are very pretty. these should make nice christmas gifts for football fans.

Does anyone know what the back sides look like? I didn’t see a second picture on the one I might be interested in as a gift.

Crap! No Ravens. Baltimore is sad now.

Got excited, then disappointed as I failed to find one for the Lions.

or cowboys…

Dallas is there!

I was hoping to see the Texans! :frowning:

check on amazon. i saw 5 of these cheaper there.

too bad the steelers aren’t playing this year.

Tapestry: Noun~ A handwoven reversible textile used for hangings, curtains and throws. Characterized by complicated pictorial designs.

Throw: Noun~ A smallish piece of cloth/tapestry that will only cover 60% of your body now matter how you contort yourself in search of warmth.

Can’t order The Browns :frowning: Purchase button does not work. There goes two sales down the drain.

Have you tried another device or a different browser? Have you cleared cache?

Of course Seattle is the first sold out. Those fans have no taste anyway.

Grrrr!!! I can’t add the Packers. throw to the cart either…I tried a different team and it won’t work either. I’ve rebooted my phone too.

i think it’s pretty funny that the Giants got a yellow cab and a manhole cover, while the Jets got the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State building, and a majestic skyline. i’m not a fan of either, but it seems to me like it should be the other way around if you count championships.

I cant order the Broncos tapestries or the Chargers tapestries I wanted. Seems like more than a coincidence that a few are having problems.

What basketball loving intern put these up? Look, I get it, there’s two Cs in Buccaneers. The temptation is there to keep both of them when shortening it. Resist that temptation. The Bucs need only one c to be true pirates.

Ok…After trying different browsers and taking the battery out of my phone to reboot it…I finally got it to work going thru the mobile instead of the full site. What a hassle, I hope it was worth it and I get it before Christmas!!

its right here!