NFL Tapestry Throws

Was excited when I saw the header, then I looked at the pictures: Ugly as homemade sin.

These’ll have to get a lot better looking to even be considered ugly. And whoever designed these must have flunked geography. There are no mountains in Kansas City.

thanks woot for finally fixing your website but now the tapestry that i wanted to buy is now sold out. boo

Looking around the net, it’s pretty obvious these pictures are the artist renditions not the ACTUAL product, which is far more faded (which I would expect of a tapestry). Glad I looked 'em up before ordering and opening that box to find out it’s not really worth it.

Whoever designed some of these just gave up on the designs for some of the smaller markets. There are no mountains in Charlotte NC. However, there is the stadium and BofA tower that they could have put in there. How about a NASCAR car with a 3 on it in the background. I would have still bought one, but they they had sold out. Dang bandwagon fans.

I totally agree. They have like 29 teams here and our team just happens to be the one of the 3 the didnt include. They have the Jaguars for God’s sake!

Think of it this way: your teams are SO popular, we couldn’t find a deal on tapestries for them!

I was too but as usual, they started strong but were out of it toward the end.

Did anyone actually get the ones they ordered? I ordered 2 different ones and still no sign of them.

Sorry for the delayed reply. CS confirmed that they’ve emailed you and refunded you for the missing item. Please let me know if you received their message.