NFL Universal Remote Control

Sure, but it only works one time.

we’re gonna be here a while

ha ha VVTF?

Took one for the team…in for two.
Now looking for my broccoli or cauliflower!

■Dimensions: (H) 7” x 4” diameter

You drink out of one BIG coffee mug.

I helped the cause and went for 3. They’re cheap and easy horrible gifts, not unlike the clap.

i dont want this piece of shit! i want a bag of crap!

Took one for the team…in for two.
Now where’s my BOC?!

This will be on Antique Roadshow someday.

That’s the battery compartment

Snore… They probably have 12 of these in stock so it’s going to take about 30 minutes to sell all of them.

I’m giving up on this wootoff and heading to Ikea for some hinges. Yes you can thank me because the BOC will appear as soon as I leave.

Look at the bright side. At least it doesn’t have a TITANS logo on it. Still, a Titans logo would be FAR superior to a BAMA logo.

I can’t decide what’s worse… The fact woot! is selling this or that someone actually planned, designed, funded and produced this flaming pylon!

Well, I certainly don’t need one of these. Would somebody, a relative perhaps, think that I would like it and subsequently buy it for me as a cheap way out of thinking about a holiday gift? yeah, probably.

if they do that, and THEN call to ask my opinion on it, I’ll just tell 'em I already got one.

of course, you and I both know that I would never buy one of these if that locker key isn’t included. anyone can see that is a high quality Schlage key, probably worth the asking price all on its own!

Wait, what? well I guess it would be fairly hard to lose.

They’re really not very big, despite the dimensions; certainly no bigger around than my ladylike fist. It was end-up in kicking position. Not very polite.

/made my coffee taste like naugahyde

this would easily get rolled off the table when reaching for the beer.

Hmmmm… leave work in 15 minutes, bus home, grab dinner, take a walk…

Should still be here when I get back. Good.