NFL Universal Remote Control

if it’s a universal remote control shouldn’t it open your garage door?

hey!!! isn’t monday night football on espn now?..a dated product? or collectors item?..zzzzzzzzzzzz

“Everyone Knows Someone Who Would Like This
No, don’t pretend otherwise. Everyone knows someone who would like this.”

Apparently not…

I want to see some more of those chinook helis that were on kids woot. This are awesome for the price, and they are 50-60$ anywhere else.

Then I’m in for 2!

This thing sucks… ugly woot

no, but it should allow you to operate the universe from a remote location…

Actually, I do know someone who will like this, and thus begins my Christmas shopping…in for one.

In for 3. Just 59 days until Christmas!

About as useless as the key right next to it.
Actually… the key would be a better deal!

Is this a Wootoff killer?







Oh come on you scrooges, who cares who is airing Monday Night Football - it is a remote shaped like a football?! Anyone who is hosting or going to a superbowl party should buy one of these. With shipping its only 9 bucks - totally worth the novelty factor. I’m in for one.

If theres a woot mode and listening, could you please bump my order to three. i forget to click on three and now it wouldnt let me buy more. yes i did send an email to but just in case this get to you alil faster before it sells out.

thanx from woot lover.

I am sure some wise prophet has already brought this up, but ABC DOES NOT HAVE MONDAY NIGHT ANYMORE!!! Espn does… so if you know someone who would like this and your going to gift it to them. . . . . it might look like your shopping at the thrift store cause ESPN has held the Monday Night title for two years now.

Warranty: 90 Day Excalibur

The 90 days expired in 2006

Can you explain the joke to me?

Definition of
Jamarcus Russell = fat, lazy, mentally challenged, etc, etc. ugh
$33M down the drain.

Looks like a feebie for first 1,000 people into the game.

Hubby had one like this till the dog intercepted it and ripped it to shreds. Fun while it lasted…